From virtual to reality using blockchain

Token pre-ICO is in progress



Our audience is represented by — a street walker staring at his smartphone. Our mobile application makes him a keen player running around the city looking for tokens. Tokens for players look like a tempting pizza Token 3 a cup of coffee Token 4 or money Token 2

They are scattered across the city. The player can find them on the map, come closer and point the camera of any smartphone with IZX application installed at a token.

The player can use tokens to buy something that is drawn on them - at a pizzeria, cafe or store of the company that scattered the tokens to solicit new customers.

Audience 01


The player who istalled IZX app automatically becomes the owner of a crypto-wallet. He gets his cryptotokens by getting his first virtual prize via IZX app.

Any prize found by the player is represented by IZX tokens and can be exchanged at the market exchange rate to another cryptocurrency.

Advertising providers buy IZX tokens and turn them to coupons, prizes or other artifacts for promotion campaigns aimed at new customers solicitation and loyalty programs implementation.

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We provide a platform for independent developers of games with elements of augmented or virtual reality. The advertising provider may choose games that will be used for its promotion events, their developers get royalties.

IZX is based on a blockchain platform, its code is open source, and it has no geographical boundaries. We offer equal possibilities for all advertising providers, developers and players.

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Passion and benefit

We carried out a few promotion events for different ad providers: restaurants, banks, service sector. Diversified audiences took part in them - specific and wide ones. Results were analyzed using analytical package SuperSet.

The main conclusion we made based on the analysis of a large amount of data is that the game evokes enthusiasm, excites and keeps players. Prize gaining is important for the game process, but its value is important to a lesser extent as compared to the timeliness, availability and compliance with players' expectations. These conclusions offer new opportunities to ad providers by expanding conventional methods of customer solicitation and retention.

We solicit new customers

IZX is a method to bring customers from the virtual world to the real one



Data about players activity is required to optimize promotion products and make personal offers to ad providers.

Based on this data an ad provider can create promotion campaigns aimed at the required audience by making right offers in the right place and at the right time to people having suitable interests.

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We process data using data analysis and computer-assisted learning algorithms to distinguish groups of players having similar interests and behaving in a similar way. Based on this analysis we pick out consumer segments and build promotion products with ready game strategies depending on the needs of ad providers.

As a result the game becomes more interesting for players, and ad providers solicit loyal customers from the required audience

Knowledge 02


The game platform and promotion products are based on a blockchain network.

Tokens, prizes, promotion events, and actions take the form of smart contacts in a blockchain network. From the very beginning players have a wallet for cryptocurrency, and all sucesses and failures are reflected as changes in the wallet balance. We gathered specialists in both blockchain and mobile entertainment industry to combine these technologies.

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Izetex Team


MAY 2017 Idea generation and project establishment.

JUNE 2017 Team and product vision. Start of development.

JULY 2017 Minimum viable product (MVP) was created and tested on a narrow audience. Mobile app for Android was built.

AUGUST 2017 Izetex was publicly presented at an exhibition in Innopolis (Russia) on August 29. Pilot trials with restaurants, banks, services sector. IZX app was published in AppStore.

SEPTEMBER 2017 Fast food restaurants - first advertising providers. We carry out campaigns aimed at cutomer solicitation with them.

OCTOBER 2017 Start of tokens pre ICO to public. We develop a console for ad providers that allows to plan and carry out more efficient promotion campaigns.

NOVEMBER 2017 Attraction of new ad providers, increasing the number of players

DECEMBER 2017 Announcement of IZX as an ad platform. We attract players and ad providers to expand the audience

2018 New games by independent developers on the platform. The number of ad providers from various business areas increases.


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